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2012: The Grand Prix Final Banquet
Victor-Yuri: St. Petersburg Exercises
Between Episodes 1.02-1.03
It's a Perfect Day for a Spring Festival!

Between Episode 1.03-1.04
Victor-Yuri: Uncertain Certanties
Yuri & Yurio: You Did it with Me; Do It With Him

July: It's the Perfect Day for a Beach Date Trip!
Episode 1.04
{ "Like Yourself... And Complete The Free Program!!" }
Meeting You Where You Are

Episode 1.06/1.07
{ China's On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Short Program & Free Skate }
Let's get hotpot!
The Cup of China, Men's Short Program
The Cup of China, Men's Free Program
Between episodes 1.07-1.08
Yurio & Victor: So close to to home, and yet...
Episode 1.08/1.09
{ Yuri vs Yuri! The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Short Program & Free Skate }
Trio: The Rostelecom Cup, Men's Short Program [ Parts 1, 2, & 3 ]
Yuri & Yurio: Rostelecom Cup Tea Time
Between Moscow and Tokyo
Trio: The Rostelecom Cup, Men's Free Program [ Parts 1, 2, & 3 ]
The Homecoming
Between episodes 1.09-1.10
The Makeup Date
Yuri & Yurio: Chopsticks Instructional Hour
Episode 1.10
{ Gotta Supercharge it! Pre-Grand Prix Final Special! }
Some Things You Never Forget... or Remember
Yurio & Victor, The Morning After

Episode 1.11/1.12
{ Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge it! Grand Prix Final Short Program & Free Skate }
Yuri, Victor & Yurio, See You Next Level!
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World Ice Arena 2017
Stay Close to Me Routine -- Patton Chen
Yuri on Ice Routine [Partial] -- Patton Chen

ISU 2017
Yuri on Ice Costume -- Michael Tongko-Burry (Men's Free Skate)

ISU JGP 2017-18
Eros Costume -- James Min (Men's Free Skate)

Opening Credits Routine -- Patton Chen
Eros Costume/Routine -- Joel Minus
Eros Routine -- Johnny Weir

Other Characters
Agape Routine -- Johnny Weir
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[ From Pash Magazine Summer 2017
Wiki: Yutopia Katuski ]

The Main Floor & Onsen

The Second & Third Floors

Victor's Banquet Room
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Weather & Sunlight Averages for Detroit, Michigan
Japanese University in Detroit/America

Weather & Sunlight Averages for Tokyo
Hasetsu (/Karatsu), Kyushu Prefecture, Japan
ED Short: Nakasu, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Yu-Topia Layout Maps
Japanese Academic Year
Japanese University in America
Japanese Burial Traditions

Weather & Sunlight Averages for Moscow & St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, A Taste Of: Part 1 & Part 2 (Last Episode Shots)
St. Petersburg: Victor's Apartment
Russian Nomenclature Notes
Moscow: Location/Education
Parental Support vs. Yuri's Belief
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Yuri Katsuki - Yuzuru Hanyu/Tatsuki Machida
Victor Nikiforov - Evegeni Plushenko/John Cameron Mitchel
Yuri Plisetsky - Yulia Lipnitskaya

Guang Hon Ji - Boyang Jin
Phichit Chulanont - Michael Christian Martinez
Leo de Iglesia - Jason Brown
Otabek Altin - Denis Ten
Jean-Jacques Leroy - ?? (Patrick Chan)
Christophe Giacometti - ?? (Stephane Lambiel)
Michele Crispino - ?? (Brian Joubert)
Kenjirou Minami - ??

Ice Skaters Based in Real Skaters Resource
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[ Information from here
SpaceCapeds Score Reading Instructions here ]

Cleaned Up Breakdown )

1) It’s unlikely this is Yuuri’s pre-series personal best SP. In episode 5, he beat his PB by almost 10 points with a 94.36. It’s not too far off, though.

2) Katsuki Yuuri: PCS powerhouse. Nothing lower than an 8.00.
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October 24-26 Skate America Grand Prix Qualifier
Chicago, Illinois: Time & Practice Schedule

October 31-November 2 Skate Canada Grand Prix Qualifier
Prospera Place, Kelowna: Time & Practice Schedule

November 7-9  China Cup Grand Prix Qualifier
Shanghai, China: Time & Practice Schedule
Hotel: Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing
Venue: Capital Indoor Stadium

November 13-16 Rostelecom Cup Grand Prix Qualifier
Moscow, Russia: Time & Practice Schedule
Hotel: The Star (The Aerostar)
Venue: Luzhniki Small Sports Arena (Capacity 8,700)

November 21-23 Trophee Eric Bompard
Bordeaux, France: Time & Practice Schedule
Venue: Palais des Sports

November 28-30 NHK Trophy
Osaka, Japan: Time & Practice Schedule

December 11-14 Grand Prix Final
Barcelona, Spain: Time & Practice Schedule
Venue: Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona
Hotel: Prince Hotel (Barcelona Princess Hotel)
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Free Skate Program Elements Notepad:

1. Quad Toe Loop + Double Toe Loop Combination Jump
2. Flying Sit Spin
3. Quad Salchow Jump
4. Change Foot Camel Spin
5. Triple Loop Jump
6. Choreographed Sequence (read it incorrectly)
7. Triple Axel Jump x
8. Triple Flip Jump x
9. Triple Axel + 1 Loop + Triple Salchow Combination Jump x
10. Triple Lutz + Triple Toe Loop Combination Jump x
11. Quad Toe Loop Combination Jump x
12. Combination spin with change of foot


  • Yuuri starts off his Free Skate program with a quad toe loop + double toe loop competition… This is less difficult than a 4-3 combination initially, so can be done.
  • Assuming that he makes all the jumps in the second half (hopefully as indicated by x), the 1.1x base value bonus to the jumps in the second half will increase by a total of 5 points!
  • Depending on the performance, the Grade oExecution will be added to the base value of the jump! For example, a perfect GOE of 3 from the judges will result in the addition of a GOE of 3 points!
  • For example, a triple flip jump normally has a 8.5 base value. With the 1.1x bonus, it would be 9.85 base value in the second half of the program. With a perfect GOE, it would be 12.85 points! This is a whooping 4.35 difference for just one jump!
  • Yuuri has 5 jumps in the second half. Hypothetically, if he gets a 3 GOE for all the jumps, that’s at least 15 points to his elements! (But that never happens unless 8 of the judges give a 3. The top score and the lowest score is removed, and the last 7 are averaged between 7 judges.) But if he falls, that’s an automatic -1 deduction.
  • And this doesn’t include his program component score, which usually boosts his score up because Yuuri is weak in his jump elements!
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Short Program
Music - On Love: Eros
Choreography - Victor Nikiforov
2.50 minute max
Elements/Jump Requirements
  • Flying spin
  • Camel or sit spin with only one change of foot allowed and no flying entry
  • 1 Combination Spin with only one change of foot and no flying entry
  • 1 step sequence
  • Double or Triple Axel (everyone goes triple). Remember, a quad axel is NOT a thing.
  • 1 Standalone quadruple or triple jump immediately preceded by connecting steps or other free skating movements (you cannot repeat the triple axel)
  • 1 jump combination (usually a quad/triple, quad/double, or a triple/triple. You cannot repeat the axel).

Side by Side Choreography Video )

Choreography & Commentary )

Free Skate
Music - Yuri on Ice
Choreography - Victor Nikiforov
Composer - Ketty Abelashvili
4.5 minute max
Jump Sequence

(Compilation Video from all FS episodes)
  • Quad toe-loop, double-toe loop
  • Quad salchow
  • Triple flip
  • Triple Axel
  • Triple Lutz, triple flip
  • Quad toe-loop
  • Triple Axel, ½ loop, triple salchow
  • Quad flip

Gala / Exhibition Program
Music - Stammi Vicino
Choreography - Victor Nikiforov
Episode 12: Partner - Victor Nikiforov
(Loving Lifted from Virtue & Moir's, circa 4:00)

Side by Side Choreography )
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[ From a former Ice skater & her ice dancer/coaching sister

  1. On Skaters and the Commentary
  2. On Rental Skates and What You Can/Can’t Do in Them
  3. There is No Such Thing as a Quad Axel
  4. It’s an Ice Dance NOT a Pairs Skate: On Yuuri and Victor’s Exhibition Skate
  5. Skating in Historical AU: To Quad or Not To Quad?
  6. Winning the GPF is it a BFD: Ranking Competitions in Order of Importance (Hint: It’s World’s)
  7. Don't Dress Like a Loser: Yes, Your Costume Matters
  8. Part Two: Costume Prices & Pieces All in the Details 
  9. The Clock is Ticking: The Timeline Ficcers like to Ignore
  10. Skating in AU Timelines, Part Two: A Perfect 6.0
  11. Skating Classifications: Eligible and Ineligible Status
  12. Knife Shoes: The Cutting Edge (What to Know About Blades)

Build a Better Program

  1. Moves: The Crossover [ Wiki: Crossover Types]
  2. Moves: The Spiral [Wiki: Spiral Types]
  3. Moves: The Lunge
  4. Moves: Hydroblading [Wiki: Hydroblading]
  5. Turns: 3 Turn [Wiki: 3 Turn]
  6. Turns: Mohawk Turn [Wiki: Mohawk Turn]
  7. Turns: Bracket Turn [Wiki: Bracket Turn]
  8. Jumps: Split Jump [Wiki: Split Jump]
  9. Jumps: Toe Loop [Wiki: Toe Loop]
  10. Jumps: Salchow [Wiki: Salchow]
  11. Jumps: Loop [Wiki: Loop
  12. Jumps: Flip [Wiki: Flip]
  13. Jump: Axel [Wiki: Axel]

Judging Details
  1. Judged: An Introduction to The ISU Scoring System
  2. Introduction of Grade of Execution (GOE)
  3. Judged II: An Overview of Program Component Scores (PCS)
  4. Comparing Real Life & Anime Scores

Other Important Ask Topics

  1. Skaters and How They Make Money?
  2. Victor: Financial Genius at the Game?
  3. Can Skaters Dance on Their Toe Picks
  4. How much can they really change up on the fly?
  5. That talk about retirement ages
  6. Wait a minute, are Yuri's blade different
  7. How strong do skaters get?
  8. What kind of diets do skaters have
  9. Skating Order: Grand Prix to Non-Prix
  10. Earning Olympic Spots: At The Worlds
  11. About Doing Victor's Program For Gala
  12. On Victor Being or Not Being a "Real" Coach
  13. Don't call them "Professional Skaters"

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[ Information Origination Here ]

@tammaiya does linguistics, and I’ve lived on four continents. Together we go travelling and distract ourselves figuring out what languages the characters of Yuri On Ice would speak. (I was bored at work…)

Katsuki Yuri 🇯🇵
- Japanese (native)
- English. Very good/fluent; he studied in Detroit for years, and English would be the common language between the skaters on the world stage.
- Russian. Basic to moderate, but of course Victor is teaching him* so he’s levelling up quick.
- Italian? Basic only, whatever words Yuri picked up from his former coach.
- Thai? Basic only, he does greet Phichit in Thai when he calls up.

Victor Nikiforov 🇷🇺
- Russian (native)
- English. Very good to fluent, presuming he studied in school, he’s been on the international stage enough, and it’s his common language with Yuri.
- Japanese. Basic to moderate, but of course Yuri is teaching him*, plus he lives in Hasetsu for months, so he’s levelling up quick.
- French? Presuming that Victor has been in ballet training in Europe he’d come into contact with French.

(* Headcanon: after months living and training together in Hasetsu, by the time the international competitions start and they’re joined at the hip, Victor and Yuri are probably talking to each other in English liberally sprinkled with Russian and Japanese words and phrases. This combined with their obvious COUPLEDOM SHORTHAND probably makes for conversations and interactions that to observers can be impossible to keep up with let alone understand beyond THESE TWO ARE OBVIOUSLY BANGING.)

Yuri Plisetsky 🇷🇺
- Russian (native)
- English. Very good to fluent, he gets a message from Yuko in English.
- Japanese? Whatever basic words and phrases he picks up while in Hasetsu.

More Skaters & Languages! )
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Yuri!!! on Ice Wiki Hasetsu: Main Page

Crunchy Roll: Anime vs. Real Life Hasetsu
Anime vs. Real Life: Part 1
Hasetsu/Karatsu Info & Pictures: Tumblr Post
Yuri!!! on Ice Real Location Revealed: Article
Karatsu Historical Port: Japan-Korea-China (Language +2 basic)

Karatsu, Saga
Karatsu Kunchi
Hamatama, Saga Beach
Ice Castle: Iizuka Ice Palace

Travel Guides
Karatsu Wiki Travel
Karatsu Travel Guide
Lonely Planet: Karatsu
Fukuoka Now: Karatsu Getaway
Into Japan Official Guide: Karatsu/Yokubo Area

Hightlights/Points of Interest
- Karatsu Castle (Castle & Park)
- Nagoya Castle (Museum & Castle)
- Hoto Shrine
- Saga Prefectural Shrine (Museum & Architecture)
- Nijinomatsubara (Hamburgers & Seaside Resort)
- Kazenomieruoka Park
- Karatsu Shrine
- Kagamiyama (Mountaineering, Camping, Park, Outdoor Rec)
- Matsuura Riverside Park
- Takatori Residence
- Kawamura Museum
- Tashima Shrine
- Ochionsententoko Hot Springs
- Shikinooka Park
- Mt. Hachiman
- Enichi-ji Temple
- Shishiozanmyohoji
- Kagamiyama Park
- Takagushi Hot Spring

Trip Advisor Highest 10
1. Karatsu Castle (***)
2. Nijno Matsubra
3. Former Takatori House
4. Nagoya Castle Ruins
5. Kagamiyama Observatory
6. Yobuko Ohashi
7. Hikiyama Exhibition Hall (***)
8. Previously Karatsu Bank
9. Yobuko Morning Market (***)
10. Nanatsugama

Japanese Nationality Laws
Japan Dual Citizenship Problems
Japan and Physical Displays of Affection

Top 5 Hardest Countries for Citizenship: Japan & USA

USA Visa Waiver Program
Visa Requirements for Japanese Citizens
Understand The Requirements for US Citizenship


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