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The alarm goes off spine-shatteringly sharp and loud and Yuri's glance out of the blanket at the menacing green numbers is owlish and more than a little annoyed. He had been sure he'd turned that off, while climbing into his bed, after Victor declared they were taking a break today. Victor declared things pretty often, that wasn't anything new, and might or might not have been helped by the fact Yuri rarely (never) argued with these declarations.

At least the never that existed where only his eyebrows went up and there was confused spluttering,
but Victor seemed to take more of those as further encouragement to dole out detail of his declaration.

Today was a day off. Today they were going to rest, or go to beach ... or something?
Victor had been rambling about something. Bouncing on the balls of his feet.
Smiling that too bright, inspiration has struck, time will stand still, smile.

Had it been somewhere else or something new he'd heard of? There'd been more, but yawning, and pulling his blanket up over his shoulder, and ears and almost eyes, all that was left in Yuri's head was that if he didn't have to be up at dawn, at the Ice Palace, he and his sore muscles could go back to sleep instead of paying any attention to the barely rising sun or whatever happened right before he went to sleep.

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It's not his alarm that's gone off, but it doesn't matter; he blinks awake in a second to stare at the ceiling and try to remember why he feels so awake on a day off, Maccachin a heavy, too-warm presence at his feet, and then it comes to him ––

The day off.

The beach.

Last night's spirited conversation with Minako and Hinoto running through his head: they'd been extolling the virtues of the Genke this time of year. Minako in particular had counted off a number of seaside attractions she was sure he'd find beyond compelling, and the decision had been an easy one. Yuri could use a day or two off, before they dive into the second and more exhaustive half of their training before the season starts for him in October, and Victor has been itching for, well ...

More time. Time spent in places that aren't the Ice Palace or the hot spring, or running in the woods near the city limits, or exploring Hasetsu. Yuri has been amenable to most of Victor's ideas, but he's begged off a few trips that would take too much time or result in too many calories being eaten. The training is going well and Yuri has relaxed around him a great deal, but, well: Victor's always been a selfish person.

Even if it isn't only thoughts of his enjoyment to come that bubble through his head as he gets up to stretch, while Maccachin follows his lead and slips off the bed, to look at him expectantly. "Come on," he says, sliding the door open with a laugh:

"Let's go wake that sleepyhead up."

Probably it would be kinder to give Yuri a heads up, but he just pads as quietly to the room down the hall as he can, before inching the sliding door open carefully, until he can no longer hold it back. Throwing the door open as Maccachin comes gamboling in to leap onto the lump under the blanket that is Yuri, while Victor's cheerful voice takes the place of the long since silenced alarm.

"Good morning, Yuri! How can you sleep in on a day like today?"

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Maccachin is doing a wonderful job, and Victor is certainly not going to get in his way, or haul him off Yuri, no matter how betrayed Yuri looks or sounds.

(Or how cute. Almost four months now, and he still can't get over how adorable Yuri is in the morning when he's barely awake. It is frustratingly, endlessly endearing.)

His hands just fist on his hips as he watches, a broad smile crinkling up his eyes. Yuri looks personally offended by how pleased he is, but that is not a good reason to stop. "It's been morning for hours!" Which is true, technically speaking. "Didn't I say we should get an early start?"

Well, he might have. It sounds like the kind of thing he'd say and mean. Yuri gets up this early every other day for training, why should their day off be any different? At least he doesn't have to go for his run.

His fingers unfurl, and he brings his hands up to clap them together in front of his chest. "Come on, Yuri! I think Maccachin is trying to tell you it's time to get up."

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"Your alarm went off."

He says it as if it answers everything, and doesn't it? Why would Yuri's alarm go off if he didn't want to get up?

Maccachin shoves his nose directly into Yuri's chest and licks right up along his face before finally bounding off the bed and sniffing around Victor's feet, bumping his nose up into Victor's hand to demand caresses. "Weren't you already awake?"

If not, it doesn't really matter: he's awake now, and that's what counts. His next comment only makes Victor laugh, as Maccachin stretches up to put paws on his shoulder and pant happily near his ear. "Of course! The beach isn't going anywhere. But don't you want to take full advantage of your day off? Come on, Yuri!"

Filled with purpose, he starts heading towards Yuri's closet, fully intending to throw it open and start tossing clothes Yuri's way. "I can already hear your parents downstairs, you're the only one still in bed."

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"Are you sure?"

Head tilt. Grin. Wink.

(Thus far, Yuri has proven annoyingly impervious to his flirtations. And sure, after that talk on the beach, Victor had largely tried to restrain himself on that front, and things have been easier ever since, but ...

He's just so. Cute. How is Victor supposed to resist a little nudge now and then?)

Still, Yuri is all but plastered to the closet door, and Maccachin has taken his scramble across the floor as an invitation to play, so Victor just laughs and waves it off as he turns back for the door. "Fine, then I'll see you downstairs." Casual, as he saunters back down the hall to his own room, considering the benefits of a shower before getting dressed and heading down to the main room.

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Maccachin comes trotting along with him, back to his own sliding door and the banquet room they'd turned into a makeshift apartment. Much more comfortable now than when he'd first moved here, but he has fond memories of that night –– sleeping on the floor and all. Now, it's as much him as it is classically Japanese: his furniture, his bed, his laptop and music. His clothes in the closet, Maccachin more often than not curled on the bed, or half underneath a table. There's no kitchen and no bathroom even slightly nearby, and it's much more cramped than his bright and airy apartment in St. Petersburg, but he loves it here nevertheless.

It's comfortable in a way even that clean, sleek apartment never was.

He feels that way about almost everything here, tossing on a soft shirt and pulling on light trousers over his briefs after a second's consideration about whether or not he ought to just wear his swim trunks. Probably not: if they stay out all day, it would get cold, so he should probably just pack them in a small bag along with their towels and sunscreen.

The beach! He hasn't had a proper day at the beach in ages. Did he even manage to get to one, last summer? He can't recall. The whole previous year is a blur of training and misery he's more than happy to simply forget about, in favor of heading downstairs towards the kitchen to greet Yuri's parents with a cheerful good morning! that is mostly pronounced correctly, and a deluge of thanks once handed some tea and breakfast.

It may not be coffee and syrniki, but it's still delicious.

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Yuri comes down only a few minutes after he does, but Victor's already halfway through his breakfast. He always seems to be ravenous, here –– or maybe it's just that he can't remember being all that hungry all that often over the last year. Here, it's like he can't get enough of Hiroko's good food, or her cute blush when he's as enthusiastic about each new dish as he was that very first week before he even knew her very well.

He's still not at all sure she has any clue who he is or what he's doing here or what his connection to the skating world is, but once he got over his surprise, he was gratified: she seems to genuinely like him, just him. Not Russia's Living Legend. Not the five time world champion. Just Victor. (He is frequently overcome with the desire to gather both of Yuri's parents into an embrace each and every time they are politely vague about skating, but supportive for Yuri's sake –– and now, he suspects, his as well.)

It's all just as nourishing as the good food itself. Even better when Yuri makes his way over to the table, still looking a little mussed and sleepy, if at least fully dressed, while Victor beams at him from over his rice bowl. "So, Yuri, where should we go? Is there a beach you like? How warm is the water? Will we need to pack a bag?"

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A trip on the train sounds nice, but between the thought of hauling beach gear onto a train and back, along with Maccachin, and his desire to see the places Yuri loves and grew up in, it's hardly a choice at all. "Why don't we stay around here? That way we don't have to worry about catching trains or bringing too many things."

Not that he needs much. His swim trunks. A towel. Sunscreen. Maccachin. Water.


(Even when he already knows it's going to drive him crazy all day long, even past the usual torture that is Eros, or working knots out of sore, tense muscles, or helping him stretch.)

He waves his chopsticks in an idle circle, and tops off his tea from the pot on the table. "I want to see the places you like best, Yuri."

His never-ending mission, that Yuri still drags his heels on, all reluctance, more often than not, but it takes more than that to dissuade Victor. After so many months of knowing nothing and imagining everything, he can't get enough information, hoards it all the way a dragon hoards gold, as if in some as-yet unknown detail he might find the answers he's looking for.

He probably never will, but that doesn't stop him from wanting them.

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He doesn't want to be back here by lunch. He doesn't want to go into this day already planning to cut it short, to lose any of the precious hours he's managing to glean here. And it's not only that he selfishly wants this time with Yuri: Yuri needs this break. He's been training to exhaustion almost every day, continually pushing past the point where Victor is nothing more than a limp rag slouched against the rink wall. His stamina, always impressive, has improved even further, but that concerns Victor, too. It's too easy to overtrain and burn out. Even if Yuri has the energy for it, his body still needs time to recuperate and rest, or he'll wind up injuring himself, blowing out a knee or tweaking his back or shoulder. Yuri's never had a major injury that would push him out of competition, and Victor means to keep it that way.

What kind of a coach would he be, if he didn't force his skater to take a break every now and again in order to come back the next day and work harder than ever? "Let's take a picnic lunch with us!"

Or at least some onigiri and a few bottles of water. He really doesn't care what they do for meals, as long as lunch isn't an opportunity for Yuri to run away to the rink for a few secretive laps around the ice.

Besides, Maccachin would like that. And who doesn't love picnics?

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Yuri doesn't argue, which is heartening, only continues to eat his breakfast with a thoughtful expression. Not that long ago, he probably would have spent the larger part of their breakfast looking more than a little like Victor has pulled the rug out from under his feet and he can't quite manage to regain his balance, but things have changed. Ever since that talk on the beach, Yuri's grown more and more comfortable and relaxed with him. It's wonderful.

(And terrible.)

(But mostly wonderful.)


He hasn't ever mastered the art of appearing less enthusiastic than he actually is. Of all the lessons Yakov imparted on him, the ability to remain stone-faced has never been one he'd absorbed, or even wanted. The idea of spending a day at the beach with Yuri is just too perfect to be anything less than thrilled about. Even the prospect of hauling along their gear -- towels, food, water, and all the rest -- feels warmly domestic and appealing.

When was the last time he had a picnic on the beach with anyone?

He'd sat down before Yuri and has always been a fast eater, so he's nearly finished, now, only tips the rest of his tea down his throat and takes a few final bites. "What else should we bring?"


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