Jun. 13th, 2017

theglassheart: By Me (In the presence of my Savior)
The alarm goes off spine-shatteringly sharp and loud and Yuri's glance out of the blanket at the menacing green numbers is owlish and more than a little annoyed. He had been sure he'd turned that off, while climbing into his bed, after Victor declared they were taking a break today. Victor declared things pretty often, that wasn't anything new, and might or might not have been helped by the fact Yuri rarely (never) argued with these declarations.

At least the never that existed where only his eyebrows went up and there was confused spluttering,
but Victor seemed to take more of those as further encouragement to dole out detail of his declaration.

Today was a day off. Today they were going to rest, or go to beach ... or something?
Victor had been rambling about something. Bouncing on the balls of his feet.
Smiling that too bright, inspiration has struck, time will stand still, smile.

Had it been somewhere else or something new he'd heard of? There'd been more, but yawning, and pulling his blanket up over his shoulder, and ears and almost eyes, all that was left in Yuri's head was that if he didn't have to be up at dawn, at the Ice Palace, he and his sore muscles could go back to sleep instead of paying any attention to the barely rising sun or whatever happened right before he went to sleep.


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