Feb. 27th, 2017

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Languages Spoken by Katsuki Yuri πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ 
 Information Origination Here + My Own Additions
- Japanese (native)
-  Chinese/Korean (native) Only very basic phrases; Hasetsu is a historical port for China and Korea. 
- English. Very good/fluent; he studied in Detroit for years, and English would be the common language between the skaters on the world stage.
- Russian. Basic to moderate, but of course Victor is teaching him so he’s levelling up quick.
- Italian. Basic only, whatever words Yuri picked up from his former coach.
- Thai.  Basic only, he does greet Phichit in Thai when he calls up.

Yuri's S1 Ice Skating Resources

Yuri's Tumblr Meta's of Merit

theglassheart: By Me (It's a perfect day for a Spring Festival)

The sun is up, peeking through his windows, chasing the last tendrils of darkness, while Yuri ties his sneakers. Hair still more a mess of sleep mussed than not, because it won't matter, out running, and it would be a mess, again, before he returned anyway.

He's already allowed back on the ice, already working on Eros, even if the name draws beads of sweat near his brow to think of, but he's still working on getting back into shape. The shape he was before he took his year off, because he wasn't working as hard every day. He isn't near the shape that Victor or Yuri came here in. Better than a few months ago, but he can do better than that. Has to now.

This is one of the ones he never minds. Heading out into the beginning of the day, whether it's with Victor, or Victor and Yuri, or by himself. The end of spring cool air rushing into his face, and pounding steps waking him up more than anything else. Every morning, every night. The beginning and the end of the day.

"Oh, Yuri, good!" He'd still been rubbing the sleep from his eyes, coming down the hallway in his training pants and a windbreaker, when his mother bustles across the hallway, spotting him and stopping. So very awake and cheerful sounding already. "Vicchan asked for both of you to the wait for him in the dining area. He has a surprise!"

"A - " Yuri blinked, startled from his half-awake morning daze, with its singular focus. " - surprise?"

Part of him was surprised to hear Victor was even awake, and hadn't gone out, and spent another night drinking, but he foundered only a few moments, watching his mother bustle away. Smiling just a little too happily, and gone as fast as she appeared.

He raised a hand to his neck, walking toward the dinning area.


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