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Yuri!!! on Ice Wiki Hasetsu: Main Page

Crunchy Roll: Anime vs. Real Life Hasetsu
Anime vs. Real Life: Part 1
Hasetsu/Karatsu Info & Pictures: Tumblr Post
Yuri!!! on Ice Real Location Revealed: Article
Karatsu Historical Port: Japan-Korea-China (Language +2 basic)

Karatsu, Saga
Karatsu Kunchi
Hamatama, Saga Beach
Ice Castle: Iizuka Ice Palace

Travel Guides
Karatsu Wiki Travel
Karatsu Travel Guide
Lonely Planet: Karatsu
Fukuoka Now: Karatsu Getaway
Into Japan Official Guide: Karatsu/Yokubo Area

Hightlights/Points of Interest
- Karatsu Castle (Castle & Park)
- Nagoya Castle (Museum & Castle)
- Hoto Shrine
- Saga Prefectural Shrine (Museum & Architecture)
- Nijinomatsubara (Hamburgers & Seaside Resort)
- Kazenomieruoka Park
- Karatsu Shrine
- Kagamiyama (Mountaineering, Camping, Park, Outdoor Rec)
- Matsuura Riverside Park
- Takatori Residence
- Kawamura Museum
- Tashima Shrine
- Ochionsententoko Hot Springs
- Shikinooka Park
- Mt. Hachiman
- Enichi-ji Temple
- Shishiozanmyohoji
- Kagamiyama Park
- Takagushi Hot Spring

Trip Advisor Highest 10
1. Karatsu Castle (***)
2. Nijno Matsubra
3. Former Takatori House
4. Nagoya Castle Ruins
5. Kagamiyama Observatory
6. Yobuko Ohashi
7. Hikiyama Exhibition Hall (***)
8. Previously Karatsu Bank
9. Yobuko Morning Market (***)
10. Nanatsugama

Japanese Nationality Laws
Japan Dual Citizenship Problems
Japan and Physical Displays of Affection

Top 5 Hardest Countries for Citizenship: Japan & USA

USA Visa Waiver Program
Visa Requirements for Japanese Citizens
Understand The Requirements for US Citizenship
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