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1) It’s unlikely this is Yuuri’s pre-series personal best SP. In episode 5, he beat his PB by almost 10 points with a 94.36. It’s not too far off, though.

2) Katsuki Yuuri: PCS powerhouse. Nothing lower than an 8.00.
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Free Skate Program Elements Notepad:

1. Quad Toe Loop + Double Toe Loop Combination Jump
2. Flying Sit Spin
3. Quad Salchow Jump
4. Change Foot Camel Spin
5. Triple Loop Jump
6. Choreographed Sequence (read it incorrectly)
7. Triple Axel Jump x
8. Triple Flip Jump x
9. Triple Axel + 1 Loop + Triple Salchow Combination Jump x
10. Triple Lutz + Triple Toe Loop Combination Jump x
11. Quad Toe Loop Combination Jump x
12. Combination spin with change of foot


  • Yuuri starts off his Free Skate program with a quad toe loop + double toe loop competition… This is less difficult than a 4-3 combination initially, so can be done.
  • Assuming that he makes all the jumps in the second half (hopefully as indicated by x), the 1.1x base value bonus to the jumps in the second half will increase by a total of 5 points!
  • Depending on the performance, the Grade oExecution will be added to the base value of the jump! For example, a perfect GOE of 3 from the judges will result in the addition of a GOE of 3 points!
  • For example, a triple flip jump normally has a 8.5 base value. With the 1.1x bonus, it would be 9.85 base value in the second half of the program. With a perfect GOE, it would be 12.85 points! This is a whooping 4.35 difference for just one jump!
  • Yuuri has 5 jumps in the second half. Hypothetically, if he gets a 3 GOE for all the jumps, that’s at least 15 points to his elements! (But that never happens unless 8 of the judges give a 3. The top score and the lowest score is removed, and the last 7 are averaged between 7 judges.) But if he falls, that’s an automatic -1 deduction.
  • And this doesn’t include his program component score, which usually boosts his score up because Yuuri is weak in his jump elements!


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