Mar. 4th, 2017

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[ From a former Ice skater & her ice dancer/coaching sister

  1. On Skaters and the Commentary
  2. On Rental Skates and What You Can/Can’t Do in Them
  3. There is No Such Thing as a Quad Axel
  4. It’s an Ice Dance NOT a Pairs Skate: On Yuuri and Victor’s Exhibition Skate
  5. Skating in Historical AU: To Quad or Not To Quad?
  6. Winning the GPF is it a BFD: Ranking Competitions in Order of Importance (Hint: It’s World’s)
  7. Don't Dress Like a Loser: Yes, Your Costume Matters
  8. Part Two: Costume Prices & Pieces All in the Details 
  9. The Clock is Ticking: The Timeline Ficcers like to Ignore
  10. Skating in AU Timelines, Part Two: A Perfect 6.0
  11. Skating Classifications: Eligible and Ineligible Status
  12. Knife Shoes: The Cutting Edge (What to Know About Blades)

Build a Better Program

  1. Moves: The Crossover [ Wiki: Crossover Types]
  2. Moves: The Spiral [Wiki: Spiral Types]
  3. Moves: The Lunge
  4. Moves: Hydroblading [Wiki: Hydroblading]
  5. Turns: 3 Turn [Wiki: 3 Turn]
  6. Turns: Mohawk Turn [Wiki: Mohawk Turn]
  7. Turns: Bracket Turn [Wiki: Bracket Turn]
  8. Jumps: Split Jump [Wiki: Split Jump]
  9. Jumps: Toe Loop [Wiki: Toe Loop]
  10. Jumps: Salchow [Wiki: Salchow]
  11. Jumps: Loop [Wiki: Loop
  12. Jumps: Flip [Wiki: Flip]
  13. Jump: Axel [Wiki: Axel]

Judging Details
  1. Judged: An Introduction to The ISU Scoring System
  2. Introduction of Grade of Execution (GOE)
  3. Judged II: An Overview of Program Component Scores (PCS)
  4. Comparing Real Life & Anime Scores

Other Important Ask Topics

  1. Skaters and How They Make Money?
  2. Victor: Financial Genius at the Game?
  3. Can Skaters Dance on Their Toe Picks
  4. How much can they really change up on the fly?
  5. That talk about retirement ages
  6. Wait a minute, are Yuri's blade different
  7. How strong do skaters get?
  8. What kind of diets do skaters have
  9. Skating Order: Grand Prix to Non-Prix
  10. Earning Olympic Spots: At The Worlds
  11. About Doing Victor's Program For Gala
  12. On Victor Being or Not Being a "Real" Coach
  13. Don't call them "Professional Skaters"


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